With 4 state-of-the-art facilities operating throughout Canada, distribution networks that span the globe and a vertically integrated business model, Aurora has become the cannabis industry’s world leader. Now Aurora is seeking to develop strategic partnerships that will allow our partners to thrive within an increasingly competitive marketplace.

What is Aurora Pro?

Aurora Pro is a groundbreaking new program designed to help growers, retailers, distributors, and other service providers focus on their core strengths by relying on Aurora for support in key parts of their business. Our aim is to partner with businesses big and small on both the production and retail side of the business to ensure that we capitalize on the emerging cannabis industry together.

Why Partner With Aurora Pro

We understand cannabis, and we understand the business.

Having built a successful seed-to-sale business from the ground up, Aurora has the knowledge and experience to bring our members to the forefront of the Canadian cannabis market. We want to offer your business the opportunity to gain access to wider markets in an evolving industry by utilising Aurora’s expertise and access to one of Canada’s largest cannabis distribution networks.

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Becoming an Aurora Pro member allows your team to focus on the core of your business; whether you’re on the production or retail side, Aurora will provide you the information you need to successfully navigate the rapidly emerging global cannabis industry.

Value-Added Services

From small-scale extraction companies to bakeries, Aurora is interested in partnering with your ancillary cannabis business to grow its distribution reach.

Cannabis Retailers

Whether wholesale or small-scale, our aim is to provide your business with the information and product education it needs to gain a foothold into an evolving marketplace.

Cannabis Producers

Aurora’s extensive distribution network offers you a unique opportunity to bring your product to Canadian markets.

Let’s Connect

Our partnership doesn’t have to be one size fits all. If you’re interested in joining Aurora Pro but aren’t sure how the membership adapts to your business model, please reach out to us. We will customize our strategy based on the specific needs of your business for a made-to-order partnership.